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At Swaasa®, we relentlessly aim to harness technology to assist patients with Asthma, COPD, and other respiratory ailments. Our solutions enable patients to monitor their health or connect with their doctors from the comfort of their homes or anyplace else.

Lung health assessments were never this fast & easy

Swaasa® is engineered to make accurate assessments of lung health using cough sounds. Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Swaasa® uses Audiometric Analysis to decode the information extracted from the cough sounds and other vital information to provide insights into the wellbeing of the lungs. 
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Cough and record the sound in your app

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Initiate the scan for a detailed and fast report

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Scan regularly to monitor lung health

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Meet your doctor with Swaasa® reports

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Swaasa® for Healthcare

Manage your patients' remotely with Swaasa® for Healthcare

Patients trying to manage their diseases like Asthma and COPD can need specific and periodic attention. Their location and availability of time constrain doctors.

Healthcare professionals and doctors use Swaasa® to make an informed diagnosis of lung health and suggest a course of action.

Swaasa® for Organizations

Safeguard your workplace wellbeing proactively with
Swaasa® for Organizations

Employee wellbeing is crucial for business continuity. With the pandemic, it has become essential for businesses to have a solution that proactively assesses the health risks of their employees.

Swaasa® enables organizations to manage risk associated with the employees and recommend a suitable course of action to ensure business continuity without compromising privacy.

Swaasa® as a Service

Integrate lung assessment in your user journey using
Swaasa® as a Service

Governments, educational institutions, organizations, and telehealth providers create mobile applications and aid in numerous wellness goals. Consumers embrace such apps and seek value extension with every update.  

Swaasa® promotes collaboration between various industry leaders. Swaasa® provides its product as a service over API to augment existing offerings and add value to the end consumers.

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Swaasa® for Individuals

Measure and understand your health risk and work with your doctor to remediate using Swaasa® for Individuals

Swaasa® facilitates an easy, quick, and detailed assessment of the lung and helps identify the risk associated with it. Doctors and medical consultants work with Swaasa® to guide their patients remotely, manage their diseases, avoid surprise exacerbations, and stay healthy. Ask your doctors for the Swaasa® app to manage your disease better.