Known Issues

  • In cases where the record has too much background noise there is a possibility of misclassification and misdiagnosis.
  • A record with too much silence/noise, having one or two weak coughs, might get misclassified as non-cough.
  • Very low amplitude cough records not meeting threshold will be rejected and not considered for assessment.
  • In the scenario where the cough is not normal, but it is not related to any Lower Respiratory Tract diseases, the output from the device is generalized saying there is likely Upper Respiratory Tract infection without any details on type of infection.
  • It is also understood that the underlying model and clinical trial were created and tested only on adults. The results for children are unknown.The cough sound classifier updates will be periodically loaded to the algorithm to improve performance.
  • Single bout coughs dominated with silence will not be considered for assessment.