Audiometric Analysis of Cough Sounds

Enabling millions with respiratory healthcare through

Respiratory Wellness through Cough sounds

We at Swaasa, synthesize the vital information about your physical condition carried in your cough sounds


Cough sounds are great indicators of organ structure & conditions; carrying vital information like shape, strength and other anatomical factors


The information regarding behaviour and activities of pulmonary system is captured in the cough sounds

Proven Capabilities

Signature Read

  • The unique acoustic patterns
  • To identify pathologies like Asthma,
    COPD, ILD & Bronchitis

Parametric Read

  • Information synthesized from cough sounds
  • Contains nuances and variations of body’s
    anatomy and physiology

COVID-19 Studies

Swaasa is helping numerous with screening and recommendations for test prioritization. We are studying the lung and respiratory conditions of COVID-19 patients using Swaasa and improving on our assessments of COVID-19 risk.

Swaasa Processes Cough Sounds to Provide Valuable Results

We have successfully harnessed technologies like audiometric analysis and machine learning to decipher the information and provide actionable recommendations, valuable to medical practitioners.

Summary Clinical Validation of Swaasa

Conducted at Apollo, India, under the ICH-GCP norms

During the clinical validations, investigation team rigorously analysed the respiratory sound characteristics.
Through collated data, the team was able to validate the correlation with PFT clinical tests & clinical diagnosis.
On the basis of observations, we could confirm the similarity of data patterns from different sources of
recording and convincing evaluate the suitability for the technology for public consumption vs clinical utility.

Validations Planned

Respiratory Disease Trial

Baylor Medical College TX, US

Respiratory Disease Protocol in review

CMC Vellore, India

Respiratory Disease IRB Review

COVID19 Trial

Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, México

COVID-19 Protocol in Review

University of Indonesia

COVID-19 Protocol in Review

Hunter Medical Research Institute, University of Newcastle, Australia

COVID-19 Protocol in Review