Return to Work Safely with Swaasa

Swaasa collates the data from symptom survey, audiometric analysis of cough sounds, temperature, and oxygen saturation to identify employees' risk.



Creating a Safe Workplace




Keep your employees safe in two easy steps

Screen at Home

  • Symptom Survey
  • Cough Analysis

Screen at the Entrance

  • Temperature Check
  • Oxygen Saturation

Collaborative team assignments suffered due to lack of in-person meetings and discussions as Coforge offices closed due to pandemic. Read more about how Swaasa helped in reopening office spaces without compromising employee safety.

D-Star's in-person services were severely hit by social distancing norms governing life during Covid-19. Learn how Swaasa helped employees safely get back to work and reinforced faith in their customers.

Returning to Work Safely

Home Assessment

  • Symptom Survey

    Self-declaration of symptoms & medical history

  • Pulmonary Assessment

    Audiometric analysis of cough sounds using ML/AI

Workplace Assessment

  • Temperature Check

    Infrared scanning for temperature at workplace before entering

  • Oxygen Saturation

    Oxygen saturation level in the blood

Integrate Swaasa

Easy Integration




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